NextWest NextContact™ Packs Broad Functionality into Single System

… Inc., the leading provider of IP-based business … and contact center systems, today unveiled its recently enhanced … version 3.4 … contact center so

NextWest,NextWest NextContact™ Packs Broad Functionality into Single System Articles Inc., the leading provider of IP-based business telecommunications and contact center systems, today unveiled its recently enhanced NextContact version 3.4 fully-integrated contact center solution.

An inbound, outbound and blended call center solution, NextContact delivers PBX, VoIP, automatic call distribution (ACD), fax on demand, e-mail and predictive dialing in single-source solution.

NextContact software works with NextWest PCXi to provide fully-integrated convergence that combines analog, digital, wireless and IP capabilities into a single platform. As a result, contact centers have a choice of deploying traditional, IP telephony or combination of both to handle customer contacts through voice calls, voice mail, email, web integration, collaboration and fax.

“Our single source solution delivers a comprehensive list of features unavailable from other contact center vendors,” said Matt Morales, NextWest COO. “Because we provide so many features in a single system, we reduce complex multi-vendor integration and enable distributed traditional or VoIP call centers. NextWest makes it possible for our customers to enhance performance, reduce costs and speed up implementation time.”

One of the most significant enhancements is the VoIP phone integration which, combined with an agent console, allows agents to work from home or anywhere in the world. Additionally, automatic number identification (ANI) is now configurable by trunk so that call centers can simultaneously promote multiple company products or services easily and economically.

Manually importing phone lists for the predictive dialer is now a thing of the past. Phone lists can now be dragged and dropped directly into a folder for ease of implementation.

“With this version of NextContact, we not only focused on usability and performance enhancements,” said Richard De Soto, NextWest Chief Marketing Officer, “we also spent considerable time streamlining management tools and functionality.”

NextContact’s NextAnalytic reporting tool is now available via web browser in addition to the previously supported Java interface, and its Digital Call Recording feature now allows managers to “eavesdrop” or supervise a call from any desktop.

Furthermore, managers, administrators or supervisors now have the ability to monitor and manage multiple call centers at multiple locations from any web-enabled terminal, and individual status monitoring of agents has been added as well. For example, if an agent logs off for lunch, an indicator can be set to notify a supervisor if the agent is gone 5 minutes longer than the allotted time.

About NextWest, Inc.

NextWest, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of IP-based business telecommunications and contact center systems. The company’s fully-integrated, IP and converged communications systems help small to mid-sized businesses, government agencies and other organizations to meet their changing telecommunications needs. With cost-effective solutions that are flexible, scalable, reliable and easy to manage, NextWest delivers uncompromising quality and features resulting in fast and quantifiable ROI.

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